Hi! I’m Laura (or Lola, or any variation of my very difficult-to-pronounce last name), an early-20s girl from a semi-small town in Virginia (Go Hoos!) with a love for the country but a need for warmer weather.  I’m currently residing in Atlanta and have big plans to be a veterinarian.  Unfortunately for me, I made those big plans at the tail end of my undergraduate college career (Go Gamecocks!) so I’m utilizing that psychology degree for all its worth… by taking (and loving) multiple advanced level science classes and buffing up my resume to make myself as appealing as possible to vet schools.


When I’m not busy being a huge nerd, I do actually enjoy “normal” people things.   I am a young, single, gal living in a big ole’ city, and you best believe I’ll be out celebrating that.  I’m not hitting the bars every night, though, and I’ve really enjoyed spending the past year and a half exploring everything this great southern city has to offer!  FYI, on nights that I’m not out, prepare yourself for an overload of love directed towards my 4-year-old “dog-ter”, a golden retriever mix named Lucky.  Consider yourself warned.


I have a passion for exercise and am constantly looking for new ways to push myself while keeping myself entertained. I also used to be the pickiest eater in the world.  I’m not exaggerating.  Until I was 22 years old, my diet staples included pizza, french fries, and chicken fingers.  Fortunately, I got a wake-up call and have since expanded and cleaned up my diet.  I strive to keep my love for food and exercise as part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

I also have undying love for Gamecock football, sugarfree redbull, and celebrity gossip websites. We all have our faults.

Go Gamecocks!

So what will you see here? Everything.  In moderation.  Some workouts (not all), some food (not everything), some fun (no late night blackmail).  Some random thoughts, and  probably too many a few Lucky pictures.   Some days I’ll post, some days I won’t. I haven’t exactly decided what this blog will turn into.

In any case, I’m Lola, and this is me!

(I’m the cute one on the right, duh)


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